“All Our Dreams Can Come True- If We Have the Courage to Pursue Them” – Walt Disney

It has literally taken me years to get the drive and the motivation and the inspiration to create a blog of my own. Since 2009 I have been reading blogs and watching vlogs that other people have created; all the while thinking to myself that I can do this I just don’t know what I will talk about. I started out just wanted to strictly focus on makeup and beauty related things. However, in recent years I have become an avid reader as well as an aspiring at home chef (read: just cooking for me and my family), so this blog/my new project is going to focus on my life and the things I love. Essentially this blog is going to be a diary of sorts.

So to start this blog off right I decided that I should talk about one of the things that finally gave me the push and the motivation to get this thing started.

My sister and I just recently decided to start our own book club. Right now it only consists of the two of us but hey that’s ok. Maybe some of my diary’s readers may want to join us one day. Well the first book that we read was The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and this is my review of it.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is an inspiring fictional novel that has a theme that everyone can relate to and apply to their nonfiction life. The story is about a young shepherd, Santiago, who has recurring dreams about finding a treasure at the pyramids in Egypt. After soliciting help from a gypsy who helps to motivate him to follow his dreams he decides to embark on a journey that will undoubtedly change his life.  The Alchemist is a story that is eloquently written and is so relatable and inspirational. The basic premise of The Alchemist is that everyone has a dream or a “Personal Legend,” it is just up to the person to decide whether they are willing to put in the work in order to achieve it. During Santiago’s journey, he meets many characters that help him out along the way. He also endures some hardship as well from coming in contact with a thief, having to put his journey on hold in order to work and learn and grow some more, to leaving his new found love behind, traveling in the middle of a tribal war, and even coming close to being beaten to death. The point is that no matter what Santiago had to endure he still chose to follow his heart and not give up on his dream. If you are planning to embark on a journey of your own or you are starting a new project or if you even have dreams of your own, Santiago’s story is definitely one that you should read. I am glad that I have added this inspiring story to my shelf and The Alchemist will probably be a must read for me every year and will be a story that I will be happy to pass along to help motivate others to follow their hearts and achieve their dreams. I give The Alchemist 4 out of 5 kisses.


So with that being said, this is my blog/diary and I look forward to enjoying myself while writing this blog no matter whether no one reads it, one person reads it, our 1 million people read it!! Thanks for joining me!

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I am a devoted wife and a loving mom. I started this blog to share some of my life and my experiences with some of my passions from makeup, beauty and fashion to reading and family life.
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3 Responses to “All Our Dreams Can Come True- If We Have the Courage to Pursue Them” – Walt Disney

  1. Lola says:

    Good job… I enjoyed that … So true.. I’ll have to read that book👍

  2. Christina says:

    Love it!! I want to join the book club, I will have to read the first one or just start with the next..Keep me posted!! Great blog 🙂

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