*OOTD 10/17/2013*

Today’s post is the beginning of what is probably going to be an ongoing series of posts from me. Fashion is something that I enjoy. Now I am not as passionate about fashion as I am about makeup and beauty, but I still love to shop and I love the thrill of putting outfits together. With that being said I am going to start doing “Outfit of the Day” posts. Now I am going to be honest; I probably won’t have the opportunity to post one everyday but when I do have the time or when I remember to actually take pictures I will definitely post a look.

ootd10:17 2

So as always, I was running a little late this morning and didn’t have that much time to put together an elaborate and glamorous outfit. I have been waiting for a long time to wear these pants somewhere so I felt that today was the perfect opportunity.

ootd10:17 1

These pants are the first in my collection from the Kardashian Collection at Sears. When I saw them I absolutely had to have them. I loved the print so much that I even bought the pencil skirt just like it. They are so comfortable and they were definitely affordable.

Now, I know that none of these items are probably still available because I bought them during the summer, but I am going to tell you where I got them from anyway.

ootd 10:17 8

Chambray Top – Old Navy

Trouser Pants – Sears (Kardashian Collection)

Watch – TJ Maxx (Fossil)

Bag – Zara

Cross Earrings – Lulu’s

Shoes – Zara

Lip color – Loreal Colour Riche Le Matte in She’s So Matte (Review coming soon)

Here is an upclose picture of the shoes. This corally orange color is so gorgeous and I love the gold detailing; it just adds a sort of elegance to the shoe.

sotd 10:17

And then of course I just had to get in some pictures with my first Halloween decorations! Don’t judge me!! I am proud of my decorations!! lol

ootd 10:17 12

ootd 10:17 14

So there it is… my first OOTD!! I think it was a success! I am going to try my best to keep up with them and remember to take pictures. Also, isn’t my husband a wonderful photographer! I think he just found himself a new job!! Anyway, as always, thanks for reading and see you on my next post!!!

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