*The Snow Child* A Review!

the snow child

I usually don’t read this type of adult fiction just because I sometimes find it hard for them to keep my attention, however, I chose to listen to The Snow Child through Audible and I really did like it. I didn’t love it, but I really did like it.

The Snow Child is set in 1920s Alaska and is a story based off a children’s fairytale about loss, love, pain, hope, determination, perseverance, and friendship. Jack and Mabel are an older couple who live in the wilderness of Alaska. Prior to the time of the book, Jack and Mabel lost a child and after that knew that they would never be able to have children. They move to Alaska to try and escape that pain, but quickly find that is something that is very hard to do especially since they both deal with their loss differently. One day Jack and Mabel decide to go play in the snow and they build a snowman/child/girl. The next day their snow child has vanished. They do end up finding a little girl in the woods, and they are unsure for a while whether the girl is real and if she is an orphan or something.

While the all around tone of this book is very dark and sad at times, it was still a good read. The characters in the story were all developed nicely. I think sometimes it was hard for me to really appreciate Jack because emotional he just couldn’t be there for his wife, and Mabel seemed as if she was always depressed no matter what was going on around her. The one character that really stood out for me was Esther. Esther was Jack and Mabel’s neighbor as well as best friend. She was so funny, and loud, and boisterous. She brought a certain light to the story that seemed to rid it of its sadness, if only for a moment.

I only gave this book 4 out of 5 stars because at times I thought that the pace of the story was a little slow. My opinion of this could be a little biased just because I am used to reading YA and stories with lots of drama and action, so this was definitely a change of pace for me. Another reason I only gave it 4 stars was because I felt like the ending just left me hanging. I like a book that sort of explains all of it’s mysteries by the time the story ends, but this one doesn’t. I felt the author left it up to the reader and their imagination to determine what happens at the end. Some may like it, but I am not a huge fan of books that end that way.

Overall, I think The Snow Child, while very sad and at time depressing, it was beautifully written and a great story that many people could probably relate to.


Thanks for reading!!

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